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Credibility of performed tests depends on many factors; among others a very important role plays ho the patient prepares for the tests.

How to prepare for laboratory tests?

  • Tests are conducted in the morning between 7:00 and 10:00
  • Patient should arrive on empty stomach, last meal should be consumed no later than 12 hours before collection. In case of a lipidogram and triglyceride marking, at least 16 hours is advised
  • Avoid physical effort and smoking cigarettes before the test
  • For 3 days before the test please abstain from consuming alcohol
  • For 2 weeks before the test please use a normal, balanced diet
  • Rest in a seated position is advised before collection

How to prepare for bacteriology swab tests?

  • Throat swabs:

Patient should arrive at the test on empty stomach, after rinsing their throat with boiled water

  • eye swabs:

The swab is best done after morning, before washing one's eyes

Material cannot be collected within 4 ours of taking any antibacterial agents

  • Nose swabs:

The swab is best done in the morning before taking any nasal medicine or drops

How to prepare for Urine test?

  • Obtain a proper urine and stool container at the material collection point
  • Urine and stool stored in containers not designed for that will not be accepted
  • Before urinating, the area of urethra must be cleaned with soapy water, thoroughly rinsed and dried with a disposable paper towel
  • Urine is to be collected after night's rest - from a so called middle stream. Firstly, a portion of urine is to be urinated into the toiled. The next portion (approx. 10 ml) is to be urinated to a previously prepared container while not touching its interior walls. The last portion is to be urinated into the toilet. Close the container and deliver it to the laboratory as soon as possible.
  • Store the sample in a cool place
  • Do not collect urine after prolonged and heavy physical activity
  • In the case of women, urine is not to be collected during menstruation and 3 days after bleeding ends.
  • For 24 hours before test please abstain from sexual intercourse
  • In the case of infants and small children the usample is to be collected into special sterile pouches. After cleaning and drying the urethra, the pouch is to be stuck. Then the pouch is to be unstuck, closed and in full placed in a plastic container. The urine is not to be poured in and out of containers

How to prepare for full-day urine collection tests?

  • Collection must last for 24 hours - in special cases it can be done during 12 hours (night)
  • Collection of urine is to be started one day and finished the next day at the same hour as it was started
  • Urine container is to be stored at a cool place at all times
  • 10 ml of urine is to be placed in a disposable box and delivered to laboratory as soon as possible

How to prepare for threadworm presence swab test?

  • Material must be collected before treatment is commenced and again 2 or 3 weeks after it ends
  • Swab must be collected 2 hours after falling asleep, before urinating or defecating
  • Swab is to be taken from the anus
  • Swab is to be repeated three times over three days
  • Material is collected with a dry swab

How to prepare for load tests?

Glucose tolerance test

  • Test is conducted in the morning (7:00-9:00).
  • Do not eat for at least 8 hours before the test.
  • It is advised not to smoke cigarettes for at least 8 hours before the test.
  • For three days before the test please use a regular diet.
  • For three days before the test please abstain (if possible) from medicine than can disrupt the hydrocarbon economy (birth control pills, steroids, thiazide diuretics).
  • For two hours before test avoid heavy physical labour.
  • During the test please abstain from eating and drinking and maintain ordinary physical activity.

Metoclopramide test

  • Test should be performed on empty stomach, in the morning, after sleeping well. Prolactin levels change during the day and night cycle and it is higher at night
  • Before the test do not massage the breasts and abstain from sexual intercourse
  • During the test abstain from eating and drinking
  • During the test avoid any physical effort

How to collect stool for a carrier test Shigell's salmonella?

  • Material is collected during the next three days
  • The swab is dipped in stool at the height of the cotton and twisted multiple times
  • The swab is placed in the transport pod so that it does not contaminate the walls of the test-tube
  • The tube is carefully closed and marked with a name, surname and date and hour of collection
  • The tubes arrive at the laboratory no later than 72 hours since collection
  • Until the material is delivered it is stored in a cool place