Centrum Diagnostyki Laboratoryjnej - VANADIS prenatal tests
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  1. How Vanadis works?
    During pregnancy some of child's DNA can be found in mother's bloodstream. DNA is organised in structures known as chromosomes, which carry child's genetic information. Vanadis test uses mother's blood sample to analyse child's DNA.

  2. When can I get Vanadis?
    Vanadis test can be performed after 10th week of pregnancy, when required amount ow womb cffDNA is reached.

  3. Do I risk complications?
    No. Vanadis is completely safe and non-invasive. It only requires a blood sample, usually collected from mother's arm.

  4. What does Vanadis analyse?

    • Trisomy 21: Birth defect known as Down's syndrome caused by an additional copy of chromosome 21. It is the msot common genetic cause of mental defficiency. In case of Down's syndrome other issues are often present – heart, sight and hearing defects, immunological and digestive disorders.

    • Trisomy 18: Birth defect known as Edward's syndrome caused by an additional copy of chromosome 18. Illness reveals itself by serious mental handicap. Children are subject to brain, heart and other organ damage. Most often this syndrome ends in miscarriage or a child is born dead. Most children to not survive the first year of their life. Children who survive have serious developmental defects.

    • Trisomy 13: Birth defect known as Patau's syndrome caused by additional copy of chromosme 13. The illness reveals itself by serious mental handicap, heart, brain and other organ damage. The syndrome ends most pregnancies with miscarriage. Children are often born dead and rarely survive the first year of their life. Even if they survive they struggle with heavy developmental defects.

    • Child's sex: Vanadis test can be used to determine sex of the child.