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Is Vanadis suitable for me?

According to International Society for Prenatal Diagnosis (ISPD) non-invasive prenatal tests (like Vanadis) are the recommended screening tests for pregnant women of all age groups. Down's syndrome and other chromosomal aberrations are closely connected to mother's age. Vanadis cannot be used in following cases:

  • multiple pregnancy

  • oocyte donor or surrogate originated pregnancies

  • patients who had a bone marrow transplant

Automated system Vanadis NIPT consists of three instruments:

  • Vanadis Extract® - Vanadis Extract platform automatically separates plasma and extracts and cleans cffDNA.

  • Vanadis Core® - Thousands of directed fragments of cffDNA are modified into DNA circles. Those circles are transformed into fluorescent DNA molecules and marked with fluorophores specific for each chromosome. Marked fluorescent DNA molecules are placed on a microfilter plate.

  • Vanadis View® - Fluorescent DNA molecules are placed on Vanadis View® plate and counted by automatic screening device. It takes many photos from each well with various spectral films – each wavelength describes a chromosome. Picture analysis algorithm counts DNA molecules for each sample..

7.0 is the software used to calculate the probability of each trisomy.